Cozumell's Golden Years book cover
Cozumel Golden Years by Ric Hajovsky

This book follows in the footsteps of Ric Hajovsky’s previous books, The True History of Cozumel, volumes 1 & 2.   It takes the reader on a voyage through the past, telling the story of the development of Cozumel as a tourist and diving destination with hundreds of historical photographs and texts.  It begins with the stories of the first scuba divers to explore the island’s reefs in the 1950s along with the first airlines to service the island.  It tells of the visionaries who built the island’s hotels and restaurants to give the reader a sense of how far today’s Cozumel has come since those early days.  The story of Cozumel from the 1950s through the 2000s is described with close attention to detail, avoiding the typical misinformation and myths commonly repeated in guidebooks and websites. If you have ever visited Cozumel, you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book!


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