The Bizzare Events, Odd Theories, and Offbeat Characters of Tulum

The TRUE history of Tulum, not the fairy tales the tour guides make up. Includes all the text of my previous book. “TULUM; Everything you need to know before you go to the ruins,” PLUS twice as much more information about the pre-Conquest Maya and the later Maya Cruzoob Rebels who made Tulum their base. Descriptions of how the Maya calendar worked, Maya sacrificial rituals, the history of Gonzalo Guerrero, the bizarre events, wacky theories, and offbeat characters of Tulum, as well as a map and building by building description of the site. This is the book you will wish you read before you went to Tulum!

Also included are:

– a short introduction to the history of the Tulum Maya

– an account of the early Spanish contacts with Tulum

– the archaeology of the site

– descriptions of the main buildings

 – the stories of why and how they were built

True history of Tulum



In 1985, during a project carried out by the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH) and funded by a grant from the National Geographic Society, author Ric Hajovsky paddled a dug-out canoe over the reef to land on the beach at Tulum in an effort to test the theory that the Maya intended El Castillo to be used as a lighthouse. Later, he traveled the entire coast of Panama from the border of Costa Rica south to Colombia in Don Tiki, his 45-foot-long, ocean-going dugout which was similar to the type the Maya used to carry trade-goods from as far north as Tabasco to as far south as Honduras. Read more about Ric and his adventures in The True and Faithful Account of the Adventures of Trader Ric series of books