This is NOT a cook-book.  This non-fiction work tells the story of Yucatan’s history through its food.  It details the true origins of the foodstuffs, recipes, and ingredients that are now used in Yucatan cuisine.  It also delves deeply into the food-ways of the pre-Columbian Maya and shows how Maya food of the past was completely different than today’s foods that are so often labeled “Mayan Food” by people trying to establish a connection to an imaginary past.

Many gastronomical myths promoted by clueless internet authors are dispelled by the inclusion of the true origins and etymologies of such iconic Yucatan recipes as queso rellenopapadzules, cochinta pibil, pastel del tres leches, and dozens more.  Even the true origin of the humble tortilla will amaze.

The book includes an exhaustive index that can be used to quickly find any food mentioned.  An amazing read, this book is a must for any foodie who ever traveled to, or thought about traveling to, Yucatan.  From the same author of The True History of Cozumel, The True History of Tulum, The True History of San Gervasio, and much more non-fiction works.

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